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Privacy Policy and Cookies

I. Privacy Policy


1) Personal Data

Personal Data means any information about you which is personally identifiable, including, without limitation, your name, address, telephone number, email address, registration name, password and other information from which you can be identified and which you disclose to us at any time.

Please note that we will not be storing your payment information, this will be done via a third party payments company. If you register to hold an Account with us, you will also have a unique password which enables you to access your Account.


2) Use of your personal data

We use your Personal Data to :

•             process and complete orders you place via the Website or by telephone ;

•             process and deal with any complaints or enquiries made by you ;

•             monitor, develop and improve the Website and your experience when using the Website ;

•             process the registration of your customer account and maintain your customer account ;


You can subscribe to the Newsletter and so choose to be informed at regular intervals of the commercial offers available in our store.


You have the opportunity at any time to unsubscribe by clicking on the link provided for this purpose at the end of each newsletter or by sending an email to


3) Your Right to Access Personal Data

SARL MPNE, with registered address at 7 rue de la Courbe, 35890 Bourg des Comptes,France, being data controller of the file, undertakes to keep your personal information confidential and to ensure the exercise of your access, rectification, erasure and objection rights by sending a letter to the above mentioned address, or by e-mail to


II - Cookies

Cookies and flash cookies are small files that are saved on your data carrier which store specific information about your preferred settings and any other data that our system needs when interacting with your browser. There are two different kinds of cookies: session cookies, which are deleted the moment you quit your browser; and temporary/permanent cookies, which are stored on your data carrier for a longer period of time or, in some cases, permanently. Cookies help us to tailor our website to suit you and to reflect your tastes and your browsing habits. They also allow us to save any information you have entered so you don’t have to enter it all again the next time you visit.


You can change the settings in your browser to ask for your permission every time a cookie tries to access your computer.

Internet explorer

1. Click on the Tools menu then Internet Options.

2. Click on the Security tab. Here, you can set your Cookie preferences to High, Medium or Low.

- To accept Cookies: Set your Cookie settings To low To accept all Cookies

- To block Cookies: Set your Cookie settings to high to block all Cookies

- To block Third Party Cookies: Click on Custom Level and select the box Block Third Party Cookies

3. Click OK to confirm changes.


1. Click on Settings then Preferences

2. In the Preferences menu, click on Advanced

3. Click on Cookies :

- To accept Cookies: select ‘Accept’

- To block Cookies: select ‘Never accept Cookies’

- To block Third Party Cookies: select ‘Accept only from the sites I visit’

Google Chrome

1. Click on the spanner icon on your browser

2. Select Settings

3. Click on Show Advanced Settings

4. Click on Privacy then Content Settings in the Privacy menu

5. In the Cookies section, you can change your settings as follows:

- To accept Cookies: Select ‘Allow local data to be set’

- To block Cookies: Select ‘Block sites from getting any data’

- To block Third Party Cookies: Select ‘Ignore exceptions and block third party cookies from being set’

- Google Chrome also offers the following setting - ‘Session only’, which means all Cookies will be accepted but deleted at the end of the session, when you close your browser


1. Click on the Safari menu

2. Click on Preferences

3. Select Privacy

- To accept Cookies: select ‘Always’ next to ‘Accept Cookies’

- To block Cookies: select ‘Never’

- To block Third Party Cookies: select ‘Only from sites you navigate to’