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Motorhomes covers

Motorhome covers


Find the perfect motorhome cover that fits your vehicle, whether it's a van, a Class A, Low-profile or Overcab.


Our covers are specially designed for the different types of vehicles. They have benefited from our 10 years of experience in the field and offer all the assets to make them easy to use and perfoming (straps, zip openings, breathable fabric ...).




Why is it important to cover your RV?


Outdoors, dirt, birds, pollution particles stain your vehicle and attack the paint. If the bodywork is not cleaned regularly, the stains become encrusted and become indelible.

By covering your vehicle, you protect the body from external aggression and avoid rapid deterioration. Our covers are designed for easy fitting and removal to give you the freedom to go on vacation with your RV at the last minute. Well protected, your van is clean and ready to use.



Why our covers are breathable?


When covering the vehicle, moisture rising from the ground is trapped under the tarpaulin. Water vapor in the air also creates condensation. Our covers are specially designed with a combination of micro-perforated synthetic fabrics allowing air circulation and the elimination of moisture. In addition, they are of course completely waterproof.

By definition, covers for motorhomes and vans can remain on the vehicle for several months during the winter before you decide to go back on a trip. It is therefore very important to provide a ventilation mechanism. Moisture when it stagnates can create real damage (corrosion of metal, mold, odors ...).

In addition, it is advisable to ventilate the vehicle at least once every 2 months if you have access to the wintering site.



How to find the model of cover best adapted to your vehicle?

No problem ! Complete our online form and we will indicate the model of cover corresponding to your motorhome or van:

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