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Caravan covers

Caravan covers - HBCOLLECTION



A simple and practical solution to keep your caravan dry and clean

When your caravan remains several months at rest, the lack of heating, insufficient insulation, are all vectors that allow moisture to settle in the cabin. Consequences: the musty smell difficult to remove and too often the appearance of mold, corrosion of metals and the degradation of woodwork.

Outdoors, bird stains or tree resin attack the bodywork and require permanent monitoring.

Do not worry: by covering your caravan with a suitable cover, you will protect it from bad weather and aggression both inside and out.

Remember that a well-maintained caravan is easier to sell and at a better price.



Description of our caravan covers

Our caravan covers have a suitable shape and an elastic integrated at its base to fit perfectly to the shape of your vehicle. The cover, once installed, slides under the bottom of the caravan and is locked by a fastening system covering the entire length of the body consists of 7 straps (provided). The straps go under the floor and keep the set perfectly in place even in windy weather.

Easy to install, it has been optimized to make it as practical as possible for caravan owners:

- Its internal face is soft to avoid scratches.

- It has zippers in the 4 corners, which allows you to access the inside of the caravan regardless of the location of the doors, passenger side as well as driver side, front and rear .

- Once the zippers are open, the sides of the cover roll up and attach to height with Velcro or can be used as awning. You can come and go as you please to air and prepare your vehicle for your next getaway.

Our caravan covers are reinforced at strategic points of tension, especially on roof angles and seams are doubled.

They are made from a tough, waterproof and breathable 4-layer synthetic fabric. The air circulates through it, so the moisture that rises from the ground and finds itself trapped under the canvas is evacuated. In addition, normal regular ventilation of the vehicle will allow you to keep your caravan in perfect condition.

When not in use, this cover fits in a bag provided for this purpose. It is easily transported.